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Nature editor Henry Gee goes all anti-science

September 21, 2013

Why Evolution Is True

UPDATE 2: In a comment below, reader Piotr Gąsiorowski calls attention to a column that Gee wrote in Nature in 2006, “Delusions of faith as a science,” which is a severe attack on Dawkins’s The God Delusion.  Gee’s piece includes these statements:

Yes, the scientific process is not a parade of absolutes. Science is relative. Faith, however, is absolute.

. . .I am one of those people for whom Dawkins would no doubt reserve his most trenchant criticism. Dawkins thinks that science itself provides sufficient awe and wonder to replace an instinct for the supernatural. I don’t. Religion, for all its ills and inequities, is one of the few things that makes us human: I am with the scientists of an earlier age, who found that their motivation in advancing the cause of knowledge was to magnify the name of the Creator.

For me, Dawkins’ single…

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Hello world!

March 27, 2006

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